Cleaning Van


Pioneer Cleaning brings actual customer service, not just lip service, to Nantucket.  Nantucket is a place where individuals expect, and appreciate exceptional service, professionalism, superior products and accountability. In the various service industries here on Nantucket, we believe this is an area that is sorely lacking. People don’t answer the phone or return calls in a timely manner. They don’t show up when they say they will and the results are often underwhelming. Pioneer Cleaning is the exact opposite of that model.


Our philosophy and vision for this business, is one built on relationships, trust and impeccable service. We offer a number of essential services and our goal is to build a relationship with the homeowner and to provide those services. We have a full time, year round staff in our office to handle calls, emails, and texts with questions, scheduling, billing and other inquiries. Our teams are uniformed, bonded, insured and fully vetted. They are discrete, professional and well trained. We attend to issues immediately, schedules are adhered to, invoicing is timely and the overall interaction is professional.


Once you, the customer gets to know us and our dedication and attention to detail our hope is that we will become your one resource for all of your cleaning needs.  This eliminates the need for many different service providers to be in and out of your home. You have one company, who you can trust and rely on. You know who is in your home.

Let Us Become Your One Stop Shop For All Of Your Cleaning Needs on Nantucket!