Tile & Grout Cleaning

FLOORS - Wood or Tile Floors

Our floor care team can clean and maintain everything under your feet! Is your tile and grout dirty and stained? Our high pressure, high temperature, cleaning system will work wonders.

Think your wood floors need refinishing? Maybe they just need a good cleaning! With the floor machinery we have we can clean your hardwood floors removing all of the ground in dirt from scratches and clean the scuff marks and other markings that don’t come out in a normal wash. We will then coat the floor with polish leaving it clean, bright and gleaming! Linoleum or vinyl composite tile dirty and dull? We will strip it, wax it and buff it to a shine you won’t believe!

Don’t forget our carpet and upholstery division. They will clean your carpets and rugs with care and precision leaving them fresh and clean.

• High Pressure & Temperature Tile & Grout Cleaning

• Deep Clean & Polish Wood, Linoleum & Vinyl Composite Tile Floors