Carpets / Upholstery & Mattresses

Carpet Cleaning


When we are cleaning your carpets and upholstery you can rest assured that our technicians are using the latest in equipment and materials.  They are IICRC certified with years of experience cleaning all types of textiles.  Our use of a pre-condition and fiber rinse system brings the carpet back to neutral levels and leaves the upholstery residue-free, which results in carpets and upholstery that stay clean longer.


Has your house been rented this summer?  Let us come in to clean and freshen your upholstery and carpets.  We can also clean and disinfect your mattresses with our high temperature high pressure cleaning system.  Lounge on your furniture and get into bed knowing that the material is as clean and fresh as it’s ever been!


• Wall to Wall Carpet

• Rugs Of All Kinds

• Upholstered Sofas & Chairs

• Sofas & Chair Cushions Pillows